Friday, November 23, 2012

Process Uninterrupted

While Mobile Computing has been a feather in the cap for the IT industry for some time now, Mobile BPM as an application has only come into its own as recently as a year ago. This is a surprising fact for an industry dedicated to process improvement and operational efficiency in general. Key personnel on the field need to be connected to the business eco-system, centralized data and business processes for a truly agile business model and the lack of mobile BPM has been a glaring inconsistency.
In this excellent article from ebizq, the author examines why Mobile BPM has lagged behind other Enterprise applications. Differing Mobile standards, still maturing Mobile application platforms, technology barriers, legal barriers and a plethora of such reasons were instrumental in the arrested development of Mobile apps for business process management software.
The Mobile BPM scene today however has developed in leaps and bounds, with every BPM software worth its salt, ensuring a native mobile application as part of its service offering to bridge the business-field operator-end customer divide.
A robust Mobile BPM software application empowers users who are on the move to stay connected with their mission critical business processes while ensuring the security of their interactions. An easy-to-use mobile application that allows users to initiate processes on the move and also lets them perform process housekeeping tasks fulfills the first requirement of enterprise mobility - Anytime, Anywhere access to your business processes.
The changing face of the workforce means that a larger percentage of employees need to be integrated into the business – Mobile BPM means faster responses to workflow based processes and streamlined day-to-day operational activities.
So how much does the end user benefit from a mobile application for BPM software?
  • Improved enterprise wide collaboration
  • Anytime, anywhere access to business processes
  • Uninterrupted processes
  • Accessibility from wide range of iOS, Blackberry and Android platforms
  • Secure process interactions with electronic signatures?
Mobile apps for BPM software are finally moving way ahead of the ‘Approve, Decline’ mode with features such as:
  • Process initiation on the move
  • Act on workflow tasks on the go
  • Option to View and act on work items from mobile devices
  • Comprehensive Search features for specific work items
  • View of work items based on categories
  • Flagging of work items based on importance 
This definitely speaks heightened connectivity to any organization's central nervous system for uninterrupted efficiency.